Rachel MacFarlane


  1. Vermont Studio Center

    Date 24 Feb 2019
    The Maverick House At Vermont Studio Centre Some work in Progress I’m at the Vermont Studio Center in April with the support of a Canada Arts Council Explore and Create Grant. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and have enjoyed having the time forward to the time to focus on my…

  2. Altered States by Mitch Speed

    Date 22 Jan 2018
    Click through to see the essay ’ Altered States’ by Mitch Speed in the booklet made for my exhibition Fool’s Paradise at Nicholas Metivier Gallery, in Toronto.  Altered States By Mitch Speed  How might we build new lenses, through which to encounter life’s actual vividness? It seems that digital technology has…

  3. Stratford Gallery

    Date 15 Aug 2017
    Upcoming Exhibition:  September:Gallery Stratford  September 30 – November 26, 2017, with an opening reception on Friday, September 29thfrom 7 – 9 PM.http://www.gallerystratford.on.ca/ My work will be included in a special curated room within Ron Shuebrook’s retrospective held at the gallery. I am very excited and honored to be exhibiting at the gallery and with an artist…

  4. Nut Publication

    Date 13 Jun 2017
    All proceeds will be donated to the Global Fund for Women. So I am thrilled to be taking part in such an amazing and generous idea for a publication.  I am pleased to announce my inclusion in the first NUT publication. The book will be launched along with a group…

  5. Doris McCarthy Residency

    Date 02 Jan 2017
    Participated in Doris McCarthy Artist in Residence Oct - Dec 2016  Check out my post about exhibiting at Stratford Gallery here.

  6. Broken Colours

    Date 02 Dec 2016
    Curated by Ben Portis At Nicholas Metivier Gallery “MacFarlane has long created miniature maquettes in the studio as the basis of dense, quasilandscapeor still life paintings, which appear so utterly unfamiliar as to verge on nonobjectiveabstraction. For Broken Colours, her research device of the maquette fledges into athree-dimensional, composite tableau. In two plywood…

  7. The Tools

    Date 02 Nov 2016
    “Rachel MacFarlane’s paintings alongside her small fragile sculptures she creates to inform style, color, and composition of her paintings are some of the best examples for these ideas. These models have never before been exhibited. Even more intriguingly, the cross-media influence between her found art sculptures’ fragile nature and the…

  8. Booooooom

    Date 12 Aug 2016
    I am really grateful to be featured on Jeff Hamada’s site Booooooom! 

  9. Bill and Isabel Pope Artist-In-Residence

    Date 02 Aug 2016
    Bill and Isabel Pope NSCADArtist-In-Residence TO see the full interview click HERE.For the months of October and November, I am participating as the Bill and Isabel Pope NSCAD artist-in-residence. The program offers artists a $5,000 honorarium for a two-month residency during a fall or winter term and accompanied by an exhibition. The…

  10. In Conversations…

    Date 18 Feb 2016
    RACHEL MACFARLANE by Trish Boon Conversations with Canadian Contemporary Art, January 23, 2013I had a lovely experience talking with Trish Boon about my current show at Nicholas Metivier Gallery. Take a look at her thoughts about our conversation and my work HERE. 

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