Rachel MacFarlane

Broken Colours

Curated by Ben Portis 
At Nicholas Metivier Gallery

“MacFarlane has long created miniature maquettes in the studio as the basis of dense, quasilandscape
or still life paintings, which appear so utterly unfamiliar as to verge on nonobjective
abstraction. For Broken Colours, her research device of the maquette fledges into a
three-dimensional, composite tableau. In two plywood boxes, MacFarlane fabricates a
heightened perceptual experience with DayGlo effect, strong contours and silhouettes, mobile
sightlines, direct illumination and intermingling conventional paper and paint with materials
devised for cinematic and cosmetic effects, such as foil and mesh. This work arises from her
longstanding inquiries into the mechanics of narrative and persuasion. With the maquette
endowed with independent activity, MacFarlane’s conventional works on canvas or panel
abandon their hitherto ambiguous spatial references to activate the very thin, but potent
epidermis of paint on flat surface.” - Ben Portis 

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